I see Dead Pixel

Pucha, you buy a branded notebook COMPAQ, praise the COMPAQ notebook, blog the COMPAQ notebook, recommend the COMPAQ notebook, take care of your COMPAQ notebook and still, in the end (or beginning of the end of my love affair with COMPAQ), it fails you.

Dunno where this came from, but my laptop has dead pixels. Last week, it was Kristala crystal clear.

Today, not one but cluster of dead pixels. Not only that cluster (shown pic), but five other location with 1 dead pixel each. I think this was brought upon by too much cleaning, using whatever I can get hold of, a tissue, a t-shirt, a t-back, etc. Damped at that.

I work with images and photo-editing too, when I see this deadpixel areas, it's ANNOYING.

This means, say goodbye to higher resale value OR be ready to pass this PC to one that has tolerance for deadots.

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