Cleansing the Bookmarks & Moving Forward

I finally had the time to clean my fucked up BOOKMARK/FAVORITES list.

Man, could be over a thousand bookmarked sites. Excluding the downloadable “top 100″ sites released by PC Mag yearly.

Before deleting some, of course, they have to be revisited and checked if the contents are still related to current times and to what I do. Some of my bookmarked sites are some of the online stores in the Philippines and some freelance sellers who made sites at free hosting sites are nowhere to be found. Gone with the wind. Other deleted sites are, web hosting business, programming tutorials, dead forums/community, link exchange sites, classifieds website, idle blogs, e-commerce solutions provider, payment gateway provider, etc.

Not to lift the desk, so to speak, but my blog (and other sites) has been online since 04. (In fact 02 and 03 , I've been trying to put one blog but no success. No continuity therefore DELETE BLOG I did, 3 times.)

Sure, I made no mark at all in 4 years but it doesn't matter, more important is, we're getting good income off online activity and that, we have plans for the future. We'll do more online stuff in a stealthy fashion and passion. (stealth, thus the name, hideyourmonkey). We got plans, stay tuned.

So, next time you too begin deleting bookmarked sites, skip HIDEYOURMONKEY bookmark (Ha! who would bookmark this blog) 'coz this blog is staying put. I am here for the long (cash) haul.

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