Good Planning Prevents You From Waking Up Thy Neighbors

Am up early today, well at least compared to my usual up time. Add that, I slept past 12mn again.

What made me see daylight?

These folks in the building in front of us were already alive and kicking, err, live and pounding away the walls. They are making a slot for an air condition unit. This building is about 8 floors high and units are for rent.

Surely, they constructed this building with the monthly rates already computed. Otherwise how can they possibly know when they'll get back the money invested, if at all they'll get it back.

News around here is that rate is P12,000 a month. Pretty high for a small space. Establishing 12k a month means they already got their target market. Middle class range, able to pay 12k at downtown Makati. In other words, they know the would-be occupants, willing and able to pay P1000 for an Air Conditioner. So prepare the slot during the construction.

Question is, why he owner/contractor did not take this to the account. Why not readily put a provision for an air condition slot. So that, the AC slot is uniform in size and form AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, they don't wake me up early. I hate poor planning.

To compound the pound(ing), the guys that are working on right now?... They are using teeny tiny little tools. Small electrical drill, small hammer and a damn concrete nail. If that's a precast concrete you're working on, good luck.

Now, some units have slot. Some don't have. Placement isn't uniform. In short, it's ugly. Investing multi-million pesos, then 'uglyfy' he loks in 3 years.

Why do I care? Two words, my sleep.

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