One Line for Kiko

Not to post just to join the circus (I admit, I sometime post for that reason) and just be in, but lemme post this one for Kiko Magalona.

He may be tired (or not) of hearing people calling him "idol" but the fact is, indeed, he's an idol. Idol namin si Kiko mula bata pa. We wrote some songs imitating him. Even before Eheads came to life, we wrote the songs, we wrote the songs.

We were already writing english or tagalog songs (or what may seem to be a song for that matter). That's because of Francis Magalona.

He's almost going in the "icon" territory. His massive contributions to the music industry entertainment, fashion, pinoy pop culture is the reason why his peers and common tao like us are affected upon hearing the news.

It may sound chippy, but really, I only follow few local personalities and one of them is Francis. My RSS reader is subscribed to his Multiply account. From Kiko site, he's almost a one man real deal life magazine. Stuff he's into, I like.

From sports, to music, a lil bit of entertainment, fashion shoes and tees, gadgets, gaming, food, photography, he's into it. Love reading his blog. That's why the Francis news is a big letdown.

Anyways, the man from manila needs blood donation and prayers from the people of the 3 stars and a sun.

Being high BPd, I'll help with the prayers part...

Prayers really move mountains, solve problems, give good night sleep and most of all, cure/treat a sickness/disease. And so folks, while at it praying for your own intentions, insert one stanza, one line, for Kiko's recovery.

This is not a Happy Battle for Francism but I am sure, people will be supporting him in many ways.

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