A Push For Pool

Like I know the answer to everyall, I was texted/asked, "why billiards isn't included in the olympics?

My answer is/was, Billiards just has too many variations (snooker, pool, etc) and each variation has even more types (8 balls, 9 balls, rotation).

And my 2nd known reasoning is... each game has rules where interpretation varies in different countries, localities even.

As Filipinos are known to be "magulang", billiards rules differ from town to town. My mates alone, they make rules on the fly, of course rules that will favor them. Ok, I am guilty of that too.

That's my 2 cents, err, 2 reasons basically. It has lots of game types and criss-crossing rules interpretation.

The rest of the story here.

Totally OT, but did you know that it's easier to hit the fucking shift-delete keys everyday than to fight fuckin spam with anit-spam, filter and all that? The white-flag is blowing in the wind!

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