Hey Dimensione, Check My Stool

During our excitement with our new crib, we got some furnitures from diff suppliers. Being a frequent MOA (Mall of Asia) visitors, we ordered few items from Dimensione. To be fair, they have some good items there that we are still using and we still like up to now.

But, just making public service here, if you'll get a chair and stool, stay away from the 2 types shown . The red chair (we bought 2 pieces and both are now cranky and ready to go) already gave in after only 2 months. I had it wired for us t be able to use the chair.
The second chair of that type we own, is already due for binding as well. Totally a waste of money and time for P1500 chair each. That's why now, we are saving some and will just get a molave solid wood chair instead. No. 2, the black stool. Forget it. This one (or two, we bought 2 pcs of this too) doesn't stand a chance. Pun intended. Just a couple of weeks, it's already swaying and dancing. Another few days, and the welds are gone. For P500, this is whack.

Funny, I dropped by them (DIMENSIONE) and told the story and I was not even on the offensive mode, or requesting a refund or angry but the store boy there at Dimensione MOA is on defense and readily told me, "the red chair requires monthly maintenance for it to be fit fot the job". Ah yeah? (1) you did not advise that during the time of my purchase (2) i absolutely doubt that a monthly tweaking and twisting will save his chair for its destined early demise. Well. I guess that's his job, parry the buyers concerns.

I repeat now, not much problemo with Dimesione but I'll be staying away from those types of chairs (both can be bought at SM Dept Stores too). Oh, I'll stay away from dimensione too.

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