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I paid some dollars to have this domain (BIZIKAT.COM) registered then I totally dropped this in the pecking order of projects to be done.

Since the NBA 08 done, the PBA too done, Olympics done, TV time is now directed to project testing time. So, I finally had the time to get back at this domain and see what I can make out of this.

The plan...
  • Philippine Web Directory.
  • This pinoy online directory is already pre-loaded with "admin added" websites and companies.
  • Super easy listing. Only 4 minutes and you're done.
  • With heavy preference to internet presence, blogs, internet forums, online stores, company websites, etc.
  • Only Philippine based or with Filipino connection can list their sites.
  • It's totally FREE listing.
  • For accuracy, this internet directory 100% human edited and supervised. (AHEM, that's me.)
  • Each listing has "hits" counter and added image gallery option.
  • For registered user, the power to edit, delete your entries in the future.

Right now, I am in the process of filling up the categories (an unenviable task really) coz the categories are broad and the sub categories never end.

Bizikat.com is a Philippine web directory. Specifically created for Filipinos and Philippine based companies, businesses, corporations, websites, enterprises, etc. Bizikat.com generally offers the following: A quick but a totally efficient, complete contact, easy to use, cleanly designed and a cool Philippine online directory.

The end-result of which is helping you to be more popular or sikat. Thus, be sikat. Looking at it in a diffrent way, Bizikat simply means, listing your Business (BIZ) in the Internet (i) to right category (KAT) with the purpose of letting other easily find your website/company.

This should be ready soon so I'll wake up before September ends.

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