Innova Mirror Guard, err, Delayer

After some angelic soul/s took the side mirrors of our "ilova," we considered getting a set from "Evangelista Motorway" for surplus mirror set. But, I was afraid I'll get my own stolen mirrors from where I'll be buying. I live near Evangelista St., surely the thief just sent/sold my mirrors out there. And, being ilova only 3 weeks old, it doesn't deserve surplus parts muna. So we bought from Toyota Manila Bay. Price is P1734 a piece for original Toyota Innova mirrors. Total replacement cost for the stolen mirrors is P3468.00.

Since I'll be parking on same predicament as it was when when the mirrors were stolen, I ordered a mirror grill or guard. Quoted price was P2350.00. I was actually ordering the grill or removable metal housing for the mirror. I was surprised, when I was to pick up the mirror guard, it is not as expected. The thing is of different make, protection and usage.

This mirror guard kinda lines the mirror housing for it to be secured. As planned, the installaer says, the thief can extricate the mirror no more. The guard is just adhesively (3m) fastened to the mirror housing body then a sealant is applied. It sure looks UGLY but I need to have this.

Second, this mirror guard makes the mirror visibility smaller by a guess 10% to 15%.

Third, this thing aint 100% theft proof. In fact, I don't call this a "guard," actually I call this the "delayer!" A thief can still use a flat screw driver to have this lining guard un-installed and use the same flat screw driver to get the mirror again. But again, no choice, already ordered and "ilova"needed some kind of protection. This mirror guard is P2350.00 from Toyota dealer.

What would really be nice is that grill mirror guard. Sadly, Toyota doesn't supply this, it can be had from customized metal/steel fabricators welder.

Finally, Innova E isn't preloaded with keyless entry and the token alarm. I had the set installed the other day as well. Around P4000 for the labor and installation. It's the Taiwan brand that I had them installed. The US alarm keyless entry set is P7500.00. Almost double so to Taiwan I went.

In the Philippines, got to shell out P9000.00 just to get new and protect the mirrors. Haypota!

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