Shake Mo TV Mo, Shake Ko Ulo Ko

Shake mo TV mo! Shake ko ulo ko!

Someone from TV5 (or its PR arm) thought that our company is big enough to do TV advertising so we got an invite to their TV ad packages briefing.

Though I did not sign up with what they offer I still think, what they presented is new and ok. Just that, it's not for us. So I am posting this still.

I went at Crowne Plaza yesterday. The invite was vague but I still went anyways thinking that the ABC 5, err, TV5 might be expanding the Venta5 TV shopping thing. The event is a launch of TV5's client friendly ad packages. I was wrong.

But they are right. What TV5 offers is a first here in the Philippines. They offer the small & medium businesses a chance to connect to new customers. They are making TV advertsing affordable for us all. Ok, not for everyall but you know what I mean. A 20 minute video presentation hosted by Lucy Gomez portrays TV as the best medium to advertise the products. (Well, generally it is. But for some niche businesses & services, I'll go with the internet over TV.)

The TV5 ad club (that's what they call it) offers 5 TV marketing packages designed to reach specific groups. Also, subscribing to one of the 5 TV ad package gets one a chance to win a MAZDA MX-5. More packages you buy more chances to win the auto.

The packages range from P50,000 a month plus VAT (a committed one year of P60,000) to P125,000 (committed a year of 1,500,000) a month plus VAT. For a year, the advertiser will get 300 ad views for his chosen package. Packages are Kids & Tweens, Urban Youth, Shoppers, Urban Men, Premium Mainstream.

I readily told the marketing guy assigned to me that I will not waste his time, that what they offer is nice but it's not for me. That's the ticket for my exit. Told him, I'll refer the TV AD Club to some people I know that has the capability to pop 50 to 100 grand a month for TV ad spots.

The event was well coordinated and swift and fast. Plus, they got good foods at the adjacent room for us visitors to consume. Only, I was in hurry to move out because I had some other things to pick up in the area. Well, at least the media paper bag got "magic pops popping candy." This made the day.

The agent assigned to me says they already booked a lot of advertisers ( i went yesterday, the last day of the week long TV5 briefing). This TV5 Ad Club is promising but they have to back it up with good solid programming. Especially now that the PBA moved to RPN Solar, they need serious programming to make this shake-shake TV advertising go.

Call 8938148 to 8191 if you have questions about the TV5 advertising packages.

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