Finally, No More Monkey Business, BIZiKAT is Live

Hey hey hey, after almost a month of now-I-fix and now-I-dont project, BIZIKAT is now open for business.

Cumulative hours I spent is I guess is (computing... computing... computing... computing...) 30 to 40 hours for this project. Roughly, one working weekday. What's good about making sites is that, after it's done, little maintenance (more on updates) is required and if you got high paying content (for google ads), you're talking about spare change everyday. How about creating 50 sites then? Add up the ads revenue then this sites project could amount to something. Hmmmm?!

It's a hobby of mine to build sites out of open source apps, test run the site for a while, and if everything is ok, donate some bucks to the developer and walah, be proud and launch the site and act like I am the genius who made the site from ground up.

And so the results are site like Blozoom! and BIZiKAT.

What's BIZiKAT?

Bizikat.com is a Philippine web directory. Specifically created for Filipinos and Philippine based companies, businesses, corporations, websites, enterprises, etc. Bizikat.com generally offers the following: A quick but a totally efficient, complete contact, easy to use, cleanly designed and a cool Philippine online directory. The end-result of which is helping you to be more popular or sikat (popular). Thus, be sikat.

Looking at it in a different way, BIZiKAT simply means, listing your Business (BIZ) in the Internet (i) to right category (KAT) with the purpose of letting others easily find your website/company and do business

  • BIZiKAT.com is a Philippine Web Directory that is owned & developed by Filipinos for the Filipinos & Philippine businesses. Also, this site is made possible by businessmen for the businessmen.
  • This pinoy online directory is already pre-loaded with "admin added" websites and companies.
  • Super easy listing. Only 4 minutes and you're done.
  • With heavy preference to internet presence, blogs, internet forums, online stores, company websites, etc.
  • Only Philippine based or with Filipino connection can list their sites.
  • It's totally a FREE listing directory.
  • For accuracy, this internet directory 100% human edited and supervised.
  • Each listing has "hits" counter and added image gallery option for better advertisement results.
  • User has the ability to "claim a listing" if it was listed by others.
  • User has the ability to report to ADMIN users or sites that violate BIZiKAT.com terms of use.
  • User has the power to rate listed companies.
  • BIZiKAT.com system offers the user to give detailed reviews to listed companies.
  • Paid featured listings at the right side bar. (Featured listings can also be obtained thru link exchange with us or by sheer humanitarian act on our part.)
  • Latest posted Philippine or Filipino related websites.
  • For registered user, the power to edit, delete your entires in the future. BIZiKAT.com accepts site listing without user registration. Only, you will not be able to edit your listing in the future.
Picked up from here.

If you have a legit Filipino business, check it out and list your company in.

Additional reason to list your company/website...

For the first 100 business listings, in random, all will be featured on our FEATURED BIZ side bar. So go ahead and head over to BIZiKAT.com and list your company and websites. Let me add that the 100 first listed companies will be featured for a whopping 3 months straight. Be the first listed companies or websites to get this featured listing give away.

The only requirement is that you have a image/logo when you list your companies/websites.

It's WIN WIN WIN WIN situation for you.

Best of all, the service is FREE!

Go here www.BIZIKAT.com

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noted chris. i went inside kanina. no tao. i was hoping to see you and do brokeback chatting one on one.

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