Good Effin Morning Says My Secu

see, no mirror

Tangina talaga mga tao oh, ke bago bago ng Innova tinira na agad ang side mirrors. Gazillion sighs.

To make it worse, the sekyu rang up the intercom at around 4.30am to tell me the news eh 2am na ko nakatulog. I finished the DELAYED TELECAST of TnT and Air21.

Blame time:

Una, ala talaga 'pinas eh, the society is somewhat hate to say it, rotten. Wherever and whatever and whenever it is, sa government offices, private practice, sa copland, kanya kanya gulangan. (Kaya nga nakagawa ako ng entry na anatomy of hulidap. Ayun napost sa streetcred to where it's fits.)

Pangalawa, sa Toyota agent, she promised the free car cover, still no delivery of cover right now. My older car during its parking tenure, we usually put the cover on, then wrapped a chain sa side mirror and padlocked it. If it has cover, kahit cloth pa yan, may one level of protection eh.

Tatlo, ako for not allotting some bucks for the installation of the alarm. It needs to be equipped with that. Innova E comes with no keyless entry and alarm.

Apat, the sekyu. Pero mildly lang. I can't blame him too much, he can not possibly do roving 24hours. (At eto pa, 2x during our 4.30 pm phone chat, he offers that he'll just pay the mirrors.)

Lima, the developer of this building. Any condo has to have a CCTV. Kahit 4 channel CCTV lang. Deterence yun, malaman lang ng mangsisikwat ng side mirror na may surveillance e he'll have second thoughts.

A NOTE TO WOULD BE UNIT BUYERS OF ANY CONDO: DO NOT BUY A UNIT IF IT HAS NO CCTV. ( To contractors/developers, go to www.ecbuyph.com to get a DVR or CCTV.)

A phone call to Toyota dealer and the insurance is coming. Ill ask if the warranty can kick in in this situation. I'll canvas too for a new set of mirrors, alarms and a fuckin lockable side mirror grill.

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