Police Woman T-Shirt

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kkk kiko tee

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My sweet prime lens

The sulit lens! F1.8, 50mm prime.

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Smartbro Duo

Because I am everywhere these past months I need to have backup internet connection. I signed up for the postpaid version of Smartbro's USB Plug It coz it's unlimited and said to be faster than the prepaid. Though I already have Smartbro prepaid (free when I got the laptop last October) and I have the effin useless Globe Tattoo too. But using prepaid connection stressed me a lot. I keep on checking the time log... I keep on computing the load being deducted... I keep on worrying that I'm not doing much with connect-disconnect connection. So this should solve the prob. Lock in period is also 2 years (same with the smartbro with canopy/antenna) but this is one you can bring the dongle wherever. And, this connection is sharable too. Speed is ok @ 500kbs to 1mps where I am at (though advertised speed is 2mbps).

Am selling the Smartbro prepaid, with 250.00 +++ load at that.

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Nike Tee

Our friends at Nike Philippines gave this to me yesterday. I love those guys. And I love the Nike T-shirts. (Same love I have fr S-CRED T-shirts btw)

The presidential candidate who'll promise to make Nike the official apparel and sportswear of the Filipino people, and the S-CRED, the official wear of the kabataan, I mean youth, I'll vote for that candidate.

Kahit si Salenga pa yan! (Internal joke)

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DomuS3D 2009


DomuS3D® 2009 is the interior design and estimating leader software in the covering materials, furnishing and sanitaryware market, used by most important retailers, designers, architects all over the world. From design to estimate, a powerful tool to get higher closing rates within the show-room, and to convey products arranged in catalogues that are constantly updated and available on-line.

DomuS3D® 2009 allows you to draw or import a layout (blueprint) by displacing rooms with simple drag&drop actions in the design area. In the same way, it is possible to place lots of 3D furnishing elements in the room, loading them from a rich products library that allows you to decorate any kind of living space, including exteriors.

Check this slideshow.

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MSI Laptop, Screen Flickers, Again!

Not even 4 months old, and my newER laptop, codenamed MShIt, LCD started to flicker. Then it blacked out. Second time, MSI laptop went this route. Has something to with the flex maybe. I know it's under warranty but the hassle of transferring files (specially the thunderbird/windows mail contacts and emails) before sending it back to the dealer (accent-micro) is a pain. Now I am back using the old Compaq.

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Drive with this Overdrive

overdrive-plate overdrive-plate (2) overdrive-plate (3) overdrive-plate (4)

  • Cool deco plates
  • OVERDRIVE print
  • Only P600 people.
  • Great wall deco
  • Place near your CD/DVD/media collection
  • Add another Eheads collectibles
  • Line this up along with your room rockstar posters in your bedroom
  • How about put this on your doors, cool eh?
  • How about placing this inside your auto, be it in dash, or at the back. The next time Eheads do concert in open field, who knows, maybe you’ll get free access if you have this super overdrive plates.
  • Only 2 dozens initial make, get yours now.
  • More plates to come. Collect em all.
  • Standby for better photo demo on how its supposed to be use as cool home display.
  • PRICE: P600.00
Buy at www.s-cred.com

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The Book of Basketball: The NBA According to The Sports Guy Bill Simmons

My copy of Bill Simmon's in depth take and wacky perspective of the NBA finally arrived yesterday. The Book of Basketball The NBA According to The Sports Guy is one thick sanamagan. After reading the book, ill use this as TV Rack.

List price is 30USD but last December I bought this on sale from Amazon.com for about 24$ including shipping. The ship duration is about 3 weeks.

I've gone thru some pages (intro, the Isiah Thomas chapter, the Bill - Wilt debate chapter) and the read is entertaining and very promising. This is unprecedented. This could be the first time that I'll read a book cover to cover. I'll review my sched, maybe sometime soon I'll make book review of this NBA review. So that, you can review my review of this NBA review.

But, I'm not great at reviewing a book (in fact I am not great at anything) so I might as well L.E.N.D. this book to one L.U.C.K.Y. colleague at HOOPS.BLINK.PH (the gasping for air Philippine Basketball Blog) and let them read and review this.

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I don't buy guess jeans!

guess jeans

I don’t buy Guess Jeans!

Reason… every so often (like Bday and Christmas) I am receiving jeans as gift. And so, even before some pairs turn to longganisang maong, new pairs come up. Then, the old pairs, I give em all to my relatives (about 5 to 6 dudes) during the summers andChristmas season.

Thanks to my sponsors, you know who you are. Mucho gracias. Keep em coming.

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Kulduroy na Kruks

I received this CROCS Corduroy kicks last new year’s eve. “Comfy Crocs” I call it. I believe this is P2900 a pair. For casual wear, in shorts and even in pants, can be. My Chucks now have a substitute.

From the tag… (for buying guide)

  • Comfortable, fun, versatile, active
  • Odor resistant
  • Ergonomic
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-microbial
  • And in my case… (I GOT THIS FREE!)

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Tank Too Bookzine

tank-too-photography-book (4) tank-too-photography-book (5) tank-too-photography-book (6)

A old copy of “bookzine” Tank Too given to us last December. I think it’s by Tank Magazine. A collection of their works/photos perhaps. I dont have copies of Tank Mags but I do know that photos published here are great photographic arts. Includes amazing imagery and full-color photos encompassing architecture, arts, people, fashion, design, graphics, etc. Books like this is a source styles/techniques and visual ideas, an essential guide how capture compelling photos, an inspiration. To the one who gave this to us, and to Tank… thank you.

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Designing Spaces

trading spaces, instant impact

trading spaces, instant impact

Trading spaces is an old book we got (2004) based from a reality home tv show of the same name. Hosted mainly by Paige Davis.

This book is a nice read for DIY interior designer (cough) or to those who want some doable home improvement projects. Not really heavy on stuff about furniture but more on low-cost instant home – room makeovers. Each topic or section, it gives 2 to 3 sample projects. And i must say, it’s kinda inspiring and makes me wanna to some redecorating around the house.

The book dwells on fabrics, paint finishes and painting methods and architectural detailing (from this section, i learned a lot) and embellishments. The most entertaining part for me is chapter four, “artwork, made easy.”

The great thing about this book is that, the insertion of easy to accomplish projects like sewing, wallpaper, pillowcase making, repainting of furniture. Quickie tools, tips and techniques for topics like stitches, fabric terms, paint brushes and paint rollers use, architectural and construction materials are all worth reading.

And in fact, the book is in my re-read lists. Grab a back issue copy (from eBay!) and say… “it’s time to get busy and have fun.”

instant-impact-trading-spaces (7) instant-impact-trading-spaces (6) instant-impact-trading-spaces (5) instant-impact-trading-spaces (4) instant-impact-trading-spaces (3) instant-impact-trading-spaces (2)

Book description from here.

* Hit television show inspires more than a dozen ideas to decorate any surface in any room.
* Power decorating techniques for anyone with limited time or money.
* Chapters are organized by decorating topic so readers can choose a technique and instantly engage.
* Room tours and advice for many decorating styles and room types.
* Easy-to-finish projects require a few simple steps and readily available materials.

Back cover description…

Trading Spaces, Instant Impact. Pack your home with personality. Filled with ideas to take your home from blah to beautiful, Trading Spaces – Instant Impact is your all-in-one guide for inspiration, expert advice, and cool projects.

This book includes:

* 15 Amazing Makeovers featured on Trading Spaces and Trading Spaces: Family
* Quick and easy step-by-step projects – from bedding to furniture fix-ups – sure to bring wow factor to every room of your home
* Tried and true strategies for adding architectural detail, painting, framing artwork and more!
* Instant replays that feature some of the very best project ideas from trading spaces talented designers.
* Ideas for adding architectural details to a room, embellishing furnishings, creating decorative accessories, and beyond.

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Why shop furniture online in the Philippines?

Buy furniture online?

Why shop furniture online in the Philippines?

Read more »

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Another book inside Leoque. A mega square book, title is “Nudes.” And there’s no denying the title. Over 250 pages of tasteful nakedness & nudity of different mediums and art forms (sculpture and painting). These books we got serve triple-purpose. First we leoque look at these books and somehow make push us and inspire us to be more creative and imaginative with both design and photography. And second use is, we use the books as props when shooting storage furniture, side tables, coffee table, bookshelves, etc. Third, we collect/buy these art & trade books to beef up our soon-to-be-made home or office library.

Some sample pages below…

nudes-grange-books (12) nudes-grange-books (11) nudes-grange-books (9) nudes-grange-books (8) nudes-grange-books (6) nudes-grange-books (5) nudes-grange-books (4) nudes-grange-books (3) nudes-grange-books (2)

Surprise… surprise… value of this book over at Biblio.com is 97USD.

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Kiddie Havs and Crocs

I got my first born last October and it topped the happiest (momentous) day of my life. By the way, my partner at S-CRED also had his first son (2nd child) last december.

Im posting in here, my baby’s future tsinelas…

crocs and havaianas

These are hand-me-overs original havaianas and crocs from his cousins (soon to be 3 years old and soon to be four years old, thanks kuyas), still very mint condition.

I’m thankful. Im excited.

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