A little over 10 years ago, we were at Ever Recto to get a copy of Eraserheads Extended Play Album, “Bananatype.” Cassette tape it was. We shelled out P90 or so for that. P90 back then is huge. (Di pa nun uso ang MYX! Wala pang nung iPod!)

But on our way to our apartment, riding the non-airconed G-Liner bus, loading the Bananatype album on our crancky and super bulky AIWA “walkman”, that P90 surely worth it.

The tape contains “I Can’t Remember You,” “Bananatype,” “Harana” (that went almost 10 minutes!!!), “Police Woman” and the Burger Machine theme, “Tikman”

Now 11 years later, we printed the Tee to celebrate that fun album, those fun years years, the fun music. Wooo-hoooo!



Front print, “eraserheads & bananatype” txts with Bananatype album cover look. Got monkey! Got banana! Got Guitar!

Halika, tikman ang T-Shirt…