I Designed 215 Design

I did a quick company website. I started yesterday and hit the final nails today. This would have been faster (5 hours perhaps) if walang ibang ginagawa. Of course, some incoming minor edits are expected after the owner sees the uploaded company profile website.

Owner is actually my cousin who designed our condo unit for free. Twas actually an ex-deal. Me, made his site = He, designed our home.

I used Wordpress as the CMS. Its easy to customize than joomla/mambo/etc. And, the site is hosted by our reseller web hosting venture, WMN. The only bucks I'll get is the hosting fee. Roughly P3000 per year.

The site is here.... www.215-design.com. Please check it out. And if you ever need an architectural design service, ring them up. And, if you need a web developer, our group can do the job and can host your site. Around P5000 to P10,000 for simple company profile website.

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