Happy Bday Blog

Dec 21 2004, I started to pump up some thoughts in this blog. And what can I say, its my blog’s first birthday, i was able to do some scattered posting throughout the year. Posting the ups and downs, the left and the right, what's wrong and what right about my life and whatnot. Professing Newton's 3rd law, that, "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction". That, for every ecstasy, there is tragedy.


Future Manure

One day, I was at rest, suddenly it came up to me... Why is this country moving one step forward, and 2 steps the other way. Each day, we have to fathom, bickering, mud-slinging, endless congress investigations, endless accusations, etc. Fu**ing sh*t, we Filipinos are on our own. No one we can call a leader. No one is guiding this race.

Here we are, having a president who not only obliterated ERAP out office, GMA then faced FPJ in a sudden death to Malacanang Palace. And when D'King succumbed to the pain of "defeat" and passed away, we now have a president who destroyed 2 Legends. With that in mind, how can she effectively govern when, I believe, more than half of the population hates her. Let’s see how she’ll lead us the rest of the way. If there is “rest of the way”.

And this “rest of the way” includes our friendly neighborhood congress. In the senate alone, we have Senators Leon Guerrero Lapid, Jinggoy "Mini-Me" Estrada, Loi Estrada, Bong Revilla. These are few of the people who will make a future. What future awaits us? I do not know.

And then, there are FEW good ones. These very few better minds spend their energy not formulating policies on how they can make our lives better but on formulating propagandas and counter propagandas. Smell our future…. Hmmmmmm!


SEA Games SEE Not

The South East Asian Games is over. Walah! We finished on top of the heap. Nothing new though, as traditionally, host countries almost always, end up being the over all champs. Brunei as expected did not win the over all trophy last time they hosted the event. As you know too well, Brunei is oh so small. If there were games, like Oil Drilling, Oil Refining, Bruneiyuki Importation, maybe they would have won.

Not taking away from our great Filipino athletes but this staging seems to be not as interesting the last time we hosted the event. Had the Prime Minister of Thailand not made some controversy by insinuating that we were fixing game results, it may not have gotten more media. Or it is not interesting, maybe because my favorite event, basketball was not included in the games. Thanks to our FREAKIN' Basketball (non)Leaders. Ef them. All of them.

Here we are, loving the game, and for the tourney that we can safely say we can dominate, an no basketball games? Ef Ef Ef. And more Efs. Only in the Philippines you'll find gazillion Sports Bodies. These freakin sports agencies end up squabbling rather than developing athletes. Not just for basketball but other sports as well. Well here are some to name a few: Philippine Olympic Committee, the Philippine Sports Commission, Basketball Association of the Philippines, Games and Amusement Board. Then of course, we have the Philippine Basketball Association and the Philippine Basketball League. Both of which, have their own commercial agendas. The hell, we have more bureaucrats than athletes. I say now, basketball in the Philippines is going nowhere with this set-up. I say scrap these freaking entities and make a single basketball body that can account for the direction of the game we all love.

And to add…

Aren’t our Sports (non)Leader and the whole (non)govern(ing)ment itself ashamed that, after 15 years or so hosting the SEA Games 91, we have not built a SINGLE STADIUM or Sports Complex that can accommodate the event. I am not even asking for ASIAN Games standards nor Olympic Games standards. A mere South East Asian standards. We end up literally staging the opening and closing ceremonies on a stage. Yikes! Truly Yikes!


Back In The Day

People since then, wanted to produce a time-machine. I tell you know, it can't happen. Physics (or better, CommonSense) would suggest, it is not possible. Well, well well, if we can not go back in time maybe we can in this cyberspace. And so I wrote this entry. Yesterday, I came across this site, http://www.archive.org. This site brings you back on how current sites looked liked in its early days/years. You'll be surprised (and laugh) with the results. Even the mother of all portal sites, Yahoo.com, looks a bit dorky with some of its images. Try your favorite sites too and see how it all began.