Happy Holdiays From Me And Ariza

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On bashing Havaianas and getting one

My wife really wanted to buy me a pair but I am not really buying it, so to speak. I feel like if everybody has a pair, it's not cool to wear one now. Everywhere I go, havaianas all over. Like, it's the official footwear of the middleclass and above. Just to stop the push, I just offered, it’s her who needed one and that I’ll just give her a havaianas pair instead. It's here. What a way to counter the offer.

What I really wanted this xmas is a pair of orig classic ray-bans, the very big lenses. My wife says she's willing to do a 50/50 on me for the Ray Bans. But the price range of 6k to 10k is too much right now. Other bills to pay at this point. I just went home with the Sprinto sunglasses. It's around 1900. Got it sale at around 950.00, with 2 free extra lenses and 2 free mini eyewear for the kids (later given as gifts).

Good Lord, I spent half day of the 23rd bashing Havaianas (with praises to Crocs to boot) and repeating countless times that I don't need one and I don't want one. Then, on the 24th day of Christmas, my modah gave to me, a pair in a pear tree.

I am wearing it now at home, and I'll go back to mall wearing this, and I'll buy another one again for my wife coz the high heeled one she has is a pain in the foot.

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3 Fish Ball From My Staff

Here's one gift I received from my assistant. In 3 years, this the first time she gave us one gift. Not bought from fancy home gift shoppe at Shangri La, but still valued by us. From Tiangge it may be, we look forward in placing the Fish-Ball as soon as we move in to our new crib.

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A Few Good Fans

On behalf of my Parish Church, we would like to thank one multinational car corp for giving me some funds. Parts of the buck, I was able to buy 2 industrial fans and donated it to the parish church. God, I am such a good man.

See, I had one argument with this company. For me to shut up and file the complaint to the higher bodies, courts, etc, to U.N. High Courts even, they agreed to the spare-change I demanded. To prove that this is all principle not the money, I spent part of it to buy the electric fans, the rest I used to fixed the damage made to my car, to pay for the phone bills, lost income, etc.

And so, this gift giving ends the drama. What a feel-good ending.

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Wearing S^CRED Tees and lovin it...

Hey hey, been very this month. Thus, an idle blog. Now posting again to bring one good news. WE GOT NEW KICKASS SHIRTS!!!

I checked in at the office today wearing one SCRED shirt from S^CRED Clothesline. The one I am wearing was loosely derived from Robert Jaworski, his jersey #7, his nickname JAWO and his "Living Legend" monicker. It's cool man, it's cool.

Am part owner of this up and coming clothing line. Hahaha! This is just one perk of doing all sorts of things both online and offline. Now, I can wear tees and jackets we personally designed and thought about. Will soon be a fashion mogul like, P.daddy, Usher etc. Hahaha-2.

Check the SACRED, err S-CRED, err SCRED site here.

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Fresh? Air, Free Net Access, Amateur Voyeur, Can't ask for more...

I need some air so to the roof deck I am now. Specifically, fresh air. I am not sure though if the air I breathe is fresh since I am situated 120 meters away from SSHW and Skyway. But still, I suspect, this air is better than my unit's air. See, a non-ventilated unit plus AC operation most of the time, it's equal to TOXINS. I need to get out, FAST!

What's nice about residing at metro, in the proximity of other bldgs, and being able to hang around roofdecks, this could mean you can easily do and have two things.

One is, Voyeur.

Two is, free Internet Access.

Checking my connections, my laptop detects exactly 9 networks with 4 of them, unsecured. And so now, let me thank Manila Club for the free internet access. May your router remain as powerful as it is today in the coming days.

As for the lady borders across the street, thanks too for letting my eyes rest for awhile. Prolonged PC-ing really hurts my eyes. Now, I can't take my eyes off you.