Fresh? Air, Free Net Access, Amateur Voyeur, Can't ask for more...

I need some air so to the roof deck I am now. Specifically, fresh air. I am not sure though if the air I breathe is fresh since I am situated 120 meters away from SSHW and Skyway. But still, I suspect, this air is better than my unit's air. See, a non-ventilated unit plus AC operation most of the time, it's equal to TOXINS. I need to get out, FAST!

What's nice about residing at metro, in the proximity of other bldgs, and being able to hang around roofdecks, this could mean you can easily do and have two things.

One is, Voyeur.

Two is, free Internet Access.

Checking my connections, my laptop detects exactly 9 networks with 4 of them, unsecured. And so now, let me thank Manila Club for the free internet access. May your router remain as powerful as it is today in the coming days.

As for the lady borders across the street, thanks too for letting my eyes rest for awhile. Prolonged PC-ing really hurts my eyes. Now, I can't take my eyes off you.


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