Honda Philippines, thank our Judicial System now

Say what you want about the US of A, but there are tons of things we need to emulate from them.

Did you get the Isiah Thomas Sexual Harassment (or Work Harassment) trial? This thing lasted only three freaking weeks and Ms. Anucha Browne Sanders, who accused Isaiah Thomas and the Madison Square Garden group of Sexual Harassment went home with 11.6 million dollars.

I repeat, that’s $11.6 millions.

I repeat, that’s $11.6 millions.

I repeat, that’s $11.6 millions.

Converting that to any currency of the world, even to that of Mercury’s currency which I guess is, “Mercurium”, that would still amount to something, ahm, shocking pay day. To my fellow Filipinos, I would gladly convert it for you. That amount is roughly equal to P520,000,000.00. That’s half a billion pesos. Even the alleged Neri-ZTE-NBN-Abalos kickback scam of P200M will not stack up to the “reward” that Ms. Sanders got. Even if you’ll live a rather superfluous lavish life, half a billion pesos is not easy to consume in a lifetime.

Tsk Tsk Tsk, Tangna talaga oh…

If Philippine judicial process was that quick, I have already sued HONDA PHILIPPINES by now. My story is, one of HONDA PHILIPPINES satellite services had some lapses in fixing (and later re-checking) my car. I was really thinking of suing HONDA Philippines. But who's in the right frame of mind will go out and sue HONDA Philippines eh sa bagal ng judicial system ng Pilipinas. That' just a waste of FUCKING MONEY and FUCKING TIME. As it is, eh just by following up the matter with HONDA PHILIPPINES customer service division and the satellite service, it is costing me a lot.

But still, I am not done with Honda Philippines. I am giving them 'til end of the week. If not, next week, see them somewhere else (and others too will see their palpak modus operandi) but definitely, not in Philippine Courts. No way. How about the Philippine Web???

And so Honda Philippines, you have an ally, thank the slow-pace Philippine Court system that's why you're spared of lawsuit.

The basketball version of this post is located here.

Honda update here.

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Blogger Ryan said...

I feel your pain, sir. It's really frustrating how a flawed justice system helps bad companies. I would suggest you just keep on pestering them until they give in. SOmetimes its the only way I'm afraid.

2:23 PM

Blogger GoldenSlumber said...

oooh man thanks. pester them indeed!

been calling them, and guez what, honda team is still deliberating. damn.

2:26 PM


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