I mentioned days back that some son of a thief took a swing at our house (my momma's actually). Roughly 100K of stuff were mugged. Ampota, my room (2nd floor) was a total mess. Just like in the films, as if they were looking for CD with classified info in it. They even stole a coupe of my shirts coz the mother fuckers were perspiring crazy. They forgot one shirt, and it was stinking real bad.

previous owner of this shirt is hell bound...

Being the last one to get married, early this year I shouldered the fortification expense of the dirty kitchen by putting bar/grills, bought additional locks, gate locks, et ce te ra.

Not knowing that there was a weak link. Since my sis moved out and they got their AC, that's where the crooks entered (2nd floor). They planned to saw the metal grills at side window at ground level but saw a better gateway. Yaah, the aircon slot at 2nd floor room. So you folks out there, check that area, check that AC slot. Secure it.

What made it easier for the mother-stealers was that an Avocado tree was planted right beside the house. That's where the monkeys got the e-le-va-tion. The avocado tree is now history.

The grills/ac slot is now welded and secured. Too late, lost items were highly valuable not only in terms of money but the sentimental value. Included in the heist was another piece I inherited from my father, necklace with a cross pendant.

be afraid for you have stolen my dad's (RIP) pendant and a cross at that....

This is the second house intrusion I've had. Last year, not even a month in my dream flat, burglars broke in too. What I lost then was my papa’s ring.

This Nov, when we transfer to our condo, I'll make sure even Houdini's great grandson will not be able to crack my home.

After this akyat bahay incident, as always, police, village security, home owners assoc all don’t have anything nice to say or do. The head security was even mentioning about residue, DNA and all that shit.

Patrol the streets, rid the village of walk-in gardeners, close other gates past 10 pm, implement IDs-to-all to all resident and employees going in and out.

Residue my ass!

I want that ring.

Fuck you thieves and fuck you security people.

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