FREE Internet at MOA

This is my first post done in public. If not for my health (high BP, hypertension), I could still be stuck in my cubicle, err, room pounding the keyboards and working my ass off. Past three straight days, I have been going out to get air, dust and social interaction eh? Socializing in net wont give you the vibe of actually going around town. Now chilling (or fuckin perspiring because of the extra-HOT kilawin we ordered ten minutes ago at Gerrys) in here at MOA.

Here at Mall Of Asia, you got FREE internet wifi connection everywhere. This could still be up perhaps around 10PM (9pm as I make this entry) closing time. If you happen to carry your notebook, free net over here, in front of CENTER STAGE, art gallery lane, right side of MOA if you are facing Manila Bay (at the DELL call center side). I just hope I wont get jail stealing the feed.

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