I So Love This John Lennon T-Shirt

Had a break today (tonight) and to old Mall of Asia we went. Me and my wife. Yes, I just tied the knot last month. No blog entry about that. News black-out (blog-out) huh?

Anyways, while there at MOA, I bought a soon-to-be favorite shirt of all time. A People Are People John Lennon t-shirt. Cost is only P700. I say only coz some PrP shirts go over 3000 pesos. If you are into music, rock or pop culture in general, celebrity stamped T and you just wanna have a cooler shirt, People Are People makes the grade.

Been wanting to have a Lennon or a Beatles shirt for a while now, I can't find a good one. Tonight is the night. I found a nice print, pure cotton and a nice fit. I was to get another one, Alice Cooper themed, but my size wasn't available. So I'll be back soon at PrP and shall overhaul my Solo t-shirt line-up that's 1 to 2 years old now. Revolution!

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