A new notebook, And new workload too!

Was busy like an ant these past few days. Busy transferring files, meeting and planning, installing apps, fixing sites, cleaning notebooks, in and out.

I scored a new Compaq Presario 3325 last Friday. I used my card on this one. I did a Ludy's payment, AKA, spread-payment for over a year @ zero interest. My old laptop (not this one), but the MSI brand I am currently using, will go to our office. The MSI M-610 is still good and fast.

The humongous MSI M610 laptop above.

The thing is, the MSI sports 15.4 inch widescreen. At the time of purchase, October 2005, it was cool to have a widescreen notebook. Today, no more. 14 inch variety should do the job (some are going 12 inches even). These days, I need to move around. I can't go around carrying a brickload of laptop. I needed a new and slimmer model (and faster performing too) that I can carry around town and out.

On stock, it has 512MB RAM, HP Dealer PC LIVE over at Mall Of Asia offered another 512MB memory for free. 512MB RAM would fetch P4000.00. And so now, my notebook is running on 1GB RAM. First time I reached 1GB computing. Proc is 1.8+ GHz. Only 80 GB memory. Low HD to me is fine, I'm not really a "save" and "download" guy. I don't remember myself ever consuming more than 40GB of files. Got no movies downloaded (ok ok except for some p*rn here and there). Besides, I'll be having extra 30GB via an old desktop I'll be getting mid-week. My back-up PC and testing PC. The Desktop has Linux (ubuntu) in it. I guess I'll keep that O.S. running on that PC.

The V3000 Presario got VISTA O.S. bundled therefore I spent the weekend familiarizing the usage and interface, files transfer, etc. There are changes, but still, Msoft will always be Msoft. Only couple of days more and I'm positive, all will be good.

One change though: No more Outlook Express bundled. In comes Windows Mail. Sort of same with O.E. but this time, IDENTITIES was scrapped. No longer will you be able to use Outlook Express with as many email identities you want. You can still create another email account but not as a new Identity. New email account will be inside one interface, it could be confusing.

Solution to lessen the possible mess (mail confusion), I am using Thunderbird to do the job for my other 2 pop mails. I use the Windows Mail for the email address that feeds me. And another email client will be installed right about now for my other email. Damn, email management is tough when you got tons of it.

Windows Mail is not really an upgrade of Outlook Express. As I read the write up, it's a new tech altogether. The look is kinda same but the Windows Mail is different animal. I've been using this for 2 days now, the filtering of junk mail and phishing email is awesome. I just don't know if this thing learns as I use it. Meaning, if I tag "junk email" certain email that went thru the filtering, will it be able to catch the junk next time? And vice versa, for legit emails that was sent to junk, will it learn from the "unjunking?"

I'll be posting separate review of the Compaq Preario V3325 after more testing or after I am able to catch a nice long sleep. Whichever comes first.

BTW, the purchase of the COMPAQ laptop came in with a FREE 1GB Shuffle IPOD (the original one, not the cloned one) and a brand new HP printer too. Anyone interested in getting orig Shuffle iPod for less 20%? Or a brand new printer less P250.00? Or a complete desktop PC for P5000 only (900 Mhz - Pentium 3, 17 in monitor), no warranty. Contact me, I got items for sale.


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