Getting Back To Charcoal

It’s been almost a year since I have drawn something. Last March and April, I gave two portraits to my 2 nieces. One, for cracking the top five or top ten in her class and the other, for graduating elementary. To say the least, I was not happy with my work but I wrapped it anyways and gave both.

Fast forward today, this time it’s my nephew’s (BOY I AM GETTING OLD) turning one year old tomorrow. I no longer can’t think of gift to give so I decided to pick up the charcoal one again and do one portrait. Besides, it’ll save me P1000 or so by just making a heart-felt, sentimentally made portrait.

Thus, after lunch earlier, around 2 PM, I started to work on this. At 7:30 pm, I got this thing done. Tomorrow, I got to run to ATC just to get a off-the-rack frame for this. The size would be around that of a legal bond paper.

(You know what? I’m sure this is just not me. While drawing or painting in the real-world, every time I make erroneous stroke, my mind tends to look for an UNDO button.)

I have decided to re-kindle my so-called craft. And so, aside from posting basketball stuff like KOBE’s Company, Sam Smith Gone Wild and Dead Online PBA Ending Game Plan, I have decided to do some real-time visual arts as well.

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