The Chicane Concept One Mags (Or Shikayne)

I posted 2 days a ago about my oh-so-late bonus buying binge. Here's the actual Concept One Chicane Mags. Black and silver toned. The price is P22,000 a set. We all know mags-set price can go as high as 40K, 60K, 80K etc. But @ 22K, it is a little at the high side for me considering the stock mags are fine, just scratches here and there. (BTW, as per O.R., the mags are coded also as SHIKAYNE.)

For a non-super-car enthusiast like me, it's a bit steep price to pay. A little high for someone who just wanted to have an all-black car. But the hell with saving for the future. Besides, I love looking at the set in the morning while I'm having coffee and some sun. The tire saleman convinced me to use sparco nuts. Because I am "uto-uto", I gave in. Sparco Nuts are black too. The nut-set uses its own adaptor to un-bolt it. So it's fairly safe to leave the auto parked for long duration in some nasty places. Crossing my fingers here.

Unless of course tire-nappers carry these unlocker-adaptors as well, then my mags are still in trouble. The nut set alone costs P1000.00. Who wouldn't fall for that when your mags are all new. Can't use old rusty ones for the shiny new mags.

I am profiling the Honda SIR in this blog. If you are interested in getting a toy/second car, I am willing to let go of this for the right price. Casa maintained! Both the driver and the car... Casa maintained!


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