Silence In Here

This part of the worldwideblog has been idle for a month now. Been very busy doing all sorts of thing across the web. Offline too, we got things going on, work, biz, personal life, health, e.t.z. My health is on the downside too so I have been picking up my dumbbells, punching and kicking my punching bag now and getting sunlight every 8 in the a.m. I went to the doc yesterday too. I complained that I am peeing too much at night, to which the doctor replied, 'you are fine and just tone down your AC'. My uric acid is ok, my blood (blood count something) is well. And so, (I guess) I am fine. Just need to eat good food (hard to find! hard to make!) and exercise moderately. Despite busy-ness and dizzy-ness, I still managed to write some entries at Hoops, check it out.

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