Finally A Broadband Connection

After years and years of sucky dial-up connection...

After 2 years of holding back on subscribing to a broadband service because of my constant apartment/condo moves...

I finally got this Smartbro "Wireless" Broadband. Wireless in the sense that it connects to the internet using Smart's Cellular Network but it's still wired to your PC or Laptop. To be truly wireless, I got one MSI Router from ecBuyph.com at around P2000+. Now I am unplugged!

In fact, I tested last night. I brought my laptop at rooftop (fifth floor) of our building and was able to connect. My unit is at the fourth. I tested its speed to and found it to be holding up to its '7x faster than the dial-up' advertisement.

Hello VoIP!

Hello Podcast!

Hello Videocast!

Hello YouTube! (and all other x-tube.com sites)

Hello ESPN Video!

Hello other services!


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