Destined To Be A Power Puncher

Did you notice how the blogosphere picked up Pacquioa's K.o.-ing Morales. It was all-over. I made up my mind NOT to blog about it but I still did. Can't help it. Talking about it is contagious. Here's my Manny Pacquiao victory take.

But let me differ in this blog a bit. Still in the spirit of boxing, how about blogging about my new gloves and punching bag.

Over the weekend, I received this gift from my family, sort of chip-in gift. Them, knowing that I have been sitting my ass for long stretches of hours in a day, they gave me this punching bag and a set of gloves, so I’ll move my butt. They know too my dumb battle with a punching bag last time out and so they decided to give this set.

I set it up yesterday and it's good. Unlike the nylon one that hurt my knuckles pretty bad, this one is of the softer variety, made from leather-like material. Guaranteed not put dimples on my knuckles. It's spring-moved so it sways when being hit. My reflex is being challenged, I am actually trying to hit a moving target. Base used is like a container type filled with water. I am not a power puncher (but a power muncher) so the water-weights is enough to hold the punching bag in its place. Ok, it kinda slides a bit because my room is tiled.

As early as now, I feel I can improve my boxing skills by leaps. No need for trainer Freddie Roach. And then, when I am good and pretty much down to 135 pounds (now hovering at 150 pounds), I'll put it all on the line and see if I can challenge Manny Pacquiao for $3 million too.

You can get a set at around P6000 to P8000.

Because I am trying to get some sun, this post was written on my building rooftop and pigeons are hovering like crazy. It's like I am bloggin in Milan.


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