Honda Civic SIR Powered Up

Finally, I was able to super-charge my Honda Civic SIR with a new set of Header - Sports Resonator - Muffler combo. Courtesy of my savings earned from my being co-owner one of the longest running reseller web-hosting around town, the web-men.net.

Being it my side project (web hosting and web design sans programming), I have made up my mind that whatever small (FYI, web hosting business is no big money maker and so pimpin’ ride is not that automatic) bucks I derive from it, I'll load 'em up to my car.

Need not go for the super branded stuff as the only critical matter in replacing stock muffler and chunky header is the WELD. As long as the weld is ok, I assume I'll be fine. The job is under warranty for three months. I can visit the shop anytime I want. Let them elevate it and check the job within that 3 month window.

I believe what I got are G.I. resonator. That's Galvanized Iron. Black iron headers and stainless steel Fire Ball muffler. I’m pretty much sure, the bends and design have already undergone all sorts of RnD from previous installations.

I only had these changed now after some body works done with my car. After successive hits from damn trucks, separate ocassions (story here and here), I again had the dents fixed. Again from my pocket, from the web hosting gig. I now expect to be in a long drawn case of retrieving cash from the johnny-bad-fella who jammed my car from behind. I am not kidding. I told him, though the cost is not that much, I intend to push the matter to our law (non) enforcements.

Back to the car...

Once you start it, with no revving of the gas pedal, it sounds really like it's ready to fly. For my personality who operates stealthy, it’s kinda loud. I would have preferred a more silent way of super sonic land travel. Funny, I had the piece tried out before installation and it sounded ok. Perhaps because the header and resonator were not changed at that point. If you intend to change yours, it is recommended you try it out first, as these things can be too loud and too muscular especially if it's your main car (like me).

The headers that i got is the 4-1 variety for more high end power. The Sports Resonator is in it to lower the noise (apparently it was not enough for my taste, err, ears). OR, the grumbling and the power are all OK. It's just me.

But the hell with the noise, I'll be having this car for some time and enjoy the ride. When I am old and gray, then I can go for subtle cars, is not it?

At cruising speed though (100 kph plus, plus, plus), it's all good. Acceleration and Power, I got!

Last Saturday night, I peaked at 130kph at SLEX coz there was no opportunity to pass that speed as the volume of vehicles was too high. No time to be dare devil, I thought. There will be open high ways sometime soon.

I tested on the main road of our village early morning Sunday, it was fast. It hit 100kph in a matter of seconds. Anybody out there who can hook me up in a legal drag race? Anybody who can tell what needs to be made with the car before I can ever splash in racing out. Help out a homeboy who's got this sudden need for speed after acquiring the SIR.

I kinda want to test it out relative to other cars. Is there any other legal circuit other than the Batangas Racing Circuit? How about Mindanao Avenue circuit? C-5 Circuit? Or Ortigas Avenue circuit?

If there are no helpers, I'll just try it out at SLEX and NLEX. Beware!


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