Freakin’ Killer Trucks On The Loose

Did I mention that a monster truck dragged my car? Ah yes. Here.

The effing driver and owner (their insurance) supposedly would pay for the damage estimated to be P10,000 or so. Being a self-proclaimed deft driver, I am no expert in driving mishaps and subsequent fucking arguments. And so, so we left it all out on a gentlemen’s agreement that they would pay for the fixing the 2 panels of my car. Thing is, as per advise, if they would pay for it, I should have gotten their insurance policy. I wasn’t able to get it and so I was done.

When the smoke was gone, they wouldn’t cooperate. My insurance just handled the cost of the works. I do not know how my insurer and the shop got it done but they have. (An idea, they might have said I was a victim of hit and run. Technically, they are right. This is more of a hit and I’ll slowly run). I just paid P2000 as my participatory fee. Last Saturday, it was returned to me, shiny and buffed.

The plan at end of this week was to have my long time dream of powering my car with new muffler and header combo but this was not to happen!


Yesterday, another fuckin’ TRAILER TRUCK fucked my car from behind. Coasting along SLEX, I stepped on the break because of an abrupt break of yes, another truck with no clear break light that was in front of me. Then I saw in my rear view mirror, a large, getting larger, a massive, a huge truck was ready to pound me.

And so it did.

3 panels this time all messed up. Not even a week after I got it freshly fixed up.

After yesterday's hit, no more insurance this time, no more pesky police report, no more license exchanges, no more photocopying of O.R., C.R. I.D.s etc. Driver agreed to pay the damage. Only he had, P700 in his wallet. That’s not even 10% of the damage. Based from my experience not long ago (exactly 5 days fresh), this would go over P10K again. The damn tail lights are busted too so I am expecting larger pay this time around.

We have a paper agreement (written agreement) where the driver agreed to pay a certain sum of money I quoted. It was signed by him, by me and witness-signed by an SLEX Patrol. Just don’t know if this will hold in court. I’ll be hoping that this truck driver slash potential slayer would be more gentlemanly in meeting what is due. Or else, to DZBB I’ll go, to Abante I’ll report, to NBI I’ll send this matter, to LTO I’ll go, to this Blog I’ll publish, etc. etc. etc.

NLEX and SLEX Driving Lesson:

Stay away from these killer trucks because one (1), they do not have enough cash to pay out any accident outright, two (2), apparently, they do not have their insurance with them when they drive, three (3), if you happen to engage them in a brutal argument, it’s futile, you will be dealing with a desperate driver and clueless 3 helpers ready to gang up on you, four (4), these trucks could just flatly kill you.

Haaaaaaayy, at least I’m still alive, awake but a little problematic.


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