Donuts, PBA and Manny Pacquiao

1. Among other things, I thank GOD for creating Donuts and 7-11. For when I am hungry, He feeds me. It relieves me. I just munch 2 to 3 rings at a time. My blood sugar as I know it, is OK so I am not daring the devil in taking superfluous amounts of donuts.

2. I have been stuck in my 'office' 3 straight days working on a website. And so I decided to get some not so fresh air. Watched a game over at Cuneta Astrodome last night. Of course, I got my observations, story here.

3. If you happen to have blogs/sites and able to see webstats, check Sundays (manila time) web logs/visits. Its was down. Almost zilch. And yes, it was because of the Manny Pacquiao's fight. No one was surfing. Blame him for the loss of traffic. Since all bloggers who wrote about him will gain traffic because of the Manny entries, they then got to thank Manny for that.


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