My Honda Civic is a Baby!

This is getting to be a habit.

My car is like a baby, going back and back and back to the pedia the past couple of weeks.

After the tie rod (is it tire rod?) and rack end was replaced, I had the engine oil leak fixed last Wednesday. Gasket and some valve ring were replaced at a cost of "only" P1400. I used the word 'only' because I had the job estimated at some casa, the cost is P5000.00 for the labor alone. So, at P1400, it’s dirt cheap. I just hope the work done and the replacement part will hold up for the longest time.

Today, I spent yet another whole day getting the wheels/camber fixed. Not only I spent the whole day, I spent another P2000 for the front wheel to be fixed. Next up are the rears, another negative P2000 awaits.

The thing with camber correction is, it is a trial and error thingie. You tweak it then you test drive it. The process repeats itself up until the system is ok. We rode tested the car exactly five times before the right-swerving was removed. So there you have it, reserve at least half a day if you plan to have yours corrected.

It's not over though. As I mentioned, the rear wheels are next up. And, maintaining a car is just a non-ending cycle. I guess I should be resigned to that.


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