So You're Planning To Get A Car?

I was up early today. About 6.15 am. My normal uptime is around 8am. It's because I sent my ride to Hyundai Makati Pasong Tamo for some Tie Rod and Rack End replacements. Coding today so I had to be there before 7am. Crocs rule the street.

Replacement cost is P4000.00. Plus, labor would amount to P1000 or so. The engine too will be checked as I see some oil drip out there. Clutch and brake fluid too would be changed. If the wheels aren’t aligned, it would be fixed too. P1000+ for the wheel alignment.

If you have a ride, it's really best to save some cash for its maintenance. Rather than dishing out 5K in a snap coz it's really pain in the butt. Like, save P1500 to P2000 a month to have something reserved if your car knocks on heaven's door.

Add to that, a monthly gas allowance of around P3000 to P4000 a month is needed. Then, I pay P1500 for my monthly parking fee alone. That's around P5500 to P75000 per month just to keep a car rolling.

Accidents that can cost P5000 to P10000 per hit are not even included. Car re-registration not included. Yearly insurance not included. You need around P300 per month to keep your car clean. P10 per week to keep your tire pressure right (saves you gas if tires are pressured correctly). P10 to clean the windshield every time you load up gas. And if you happen to drive recklessly, occasional on-the-road-license-redemption in Metro Manila would cost your P500 per session.

If you are planning to buy a car and do this via monthly amortization, I am sure you'll be thinking twice now. Not only you'll pay P12,000 to P18,000 monthly. You'll need P5000 minimum maintenance and what-not just to keep it up.


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