I Got Bogas Man!

Did I mention Bogas are now banned in Metro Manila? Well, coming from a Family Reunion Trip, I managed to score, not one, but two Bogas. You see, my Uncle is SP0-something cop in his town. He declared, though his turf is outside MM, he will rid his town of bogas. Rumor is, he conducted a one-man raid of a boga store inside the rural-market. Thus, he's got truckload of bogas in is yard. And so, whilst real cops were busy busting drug dealers, kidnappers, murderers and whatnot, my uncle was busy dealing with lowly boga entrepreneur. Too bad, fire cracking season is over. I have to store these twin-bogas for a while and just use these come end of year. Meanwhile, the two bogas should serve as warning to the little mice circling my unit. They now know I am packed more than ever. Not just a pellet-gun-mouse-buster but a boga-ready fellow ready to blow them up.


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