A Binondo (Bad)Trip

Just before lunch today, myself and my partner, went to Binondo/Ongpin/Sta. Cruz to check pre-Chinese new year happening in there. This early, there were parades and dragon dances so the traffic was bad. That was the start of even more bad things to come. What was planned to be leisure travel and tour went awry. Arguments ya’know? I'll no longer elaborate. You know, girls will be girls and boys will be boys.

Anyhow, I tried to salvage the trip to no avail. We still abruptly ended the trip around 3:30pm. This, after we even went to the Binondo church. We stayed there for about quarter of an hour. I guess I did not pray hard enough. Having renewed my faith or let me just say, having refreshed my faith, that's part of the plan, to visit the Binondo Church. Never been there.

Of course, other supposed tasks were to buy tikoy, the super famous ube hopia (that produced the donated ube fire truck below. It's parked beside the Binondo church. I took a shot.

The main reason of breaking my daily routine and challenge all the PUJs, pedicab drivers and head to Sta. Cruz was to buy a ring. The promised Christmas gift that's been pushed mid-February. To cut the story short, this too, we were not able to accomplish.

Trip summary: 300 pesos worth of gas, P50 parking, P400 buffet lunch at a roach-smelling Chinese resto (where are those Binondo/Ongpin restaurants I saw at Living Asia channel). Bought zero hopia, zero ring, zero tikoy and 4 lackluster images posted herewith.


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