Kung Hei Fat Ass!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

I spent almost the whole day at my sister's house over at Laguna yesterday (I was there Sat too). We welcomed the chinese new year there feasting on crabs, crabs and more crabs. I think I slurped one liter of fresh buko pandan too. Can't we live like that for the rest of our lives. Eat the whole day without worrying about stuff and cholesterol. But hey, that food-fest should only happen once in blue moon if you want to see your kids, grand kids too.


While over there, I brought my laptop and borrowed this one to transfer the files to. I did serious reformatting. My laptop had tanked out. It was so slow. 1.4GHz felt like I was using 512MB proc crusoe again. After considering getting a new notebook (IBM - Toshiba- Fujitsu DNA), I went in the direction of just refreshing the OS and clearing all the software in it. I'll just buy new notebook come Sep-Oct-Nov, so I can keep the tradition of upgrading every 2 years. Plus, VISTA should be stable by then. (If it is even possible that Microsoft OS can be stable.)

It took me the whole day to transfer files, and back. Bummer was, I forgot the files dumped in my DESKTOP. I lost important files. Including database of passwords. More important is, I lost around 2o unfinished poems/songs in there. Shiyet! How can I ever recall what's written huh. The chord patterns too atop the lyrics are gone. I guess, reformatting PC and feasting on foods don't mix well. Concentration in the key. (update: I think, these files can be retrieved at one folder bearing the username previously used)


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