2 Way to Advertise A Product This Summer

Coasting along SLEX ---> SSHW, i came upon two ways to advertise and market a product during summah-time. (or anytime for that matter)

ONE: Nestea Campaign

Since last Thursday up until today, Nestea people/promodizers have given me a total of 8 FREE Nesteas. They are stationed right at the SLEX Tollway, Manila/Makati bound traffic. So after paying P100 or so for the toll fee, a consolation we got. Three different times, we were given 2, 2 and 4 bottles of (not chilled thoough) Lemon Green Tea. It says, it has extra cooling action. Just in time for the summer eh? The last set was four because, one filthy rich Expedition cruising guy felt it would make him a fucking cheapo if he'll go ahead and take a free 480 mL Nestea bottle. Well thank you for passing up. Now I got Nestea-ful refrigerator.

TWO: Alaxan FR Campaign

On the other hand, Alaxan does a campaign using the Media Truck. The rolling billboard that consumes liter and liter of diesel petro. It continuously rolls around town and producing even more CO. It circles around Metro, congesting traffic even more (this particular truck I saw was swerving left to right, right to left, non-stop. It might be part of the plan, to get noticed). Only in the Philippines: Legislators intelligently passed a law banning huge Billboards along highway. Billboards need to be few meters far from hi-way stretches. What to do with the ban on billboards? They brought the billboards in the middle of the street. Billboards on board a truck! This might be western thing, but in Metro Manila (and other Philippine Metropolitan Districts), it doesn't suit us. It doesn't suit me.

Who's doing the right advertising/marketing campain? Most definitely, NESTEA!

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