Then American Leather Seat It Is

And while I am at it pimping my ride, I also scored a Leather Seat Set. American leather, the saleslady told me. American it is then. Apparently, there is German leather. Much like “tuli”, leather has variety. German, American, French, etc.

It matched the color and gradient of the dashboard. Not all leather patterns are the same so a 100% match isn't guaranteed. Just like our skin y'know. The set is 3000 per. Could go as low as 2500 if you are a 'suki'. Well, I am. I get my accessories from one supplier alone. Headlights, filters, gutters, wiring, etc.

The set is not top of the line leather of course. The?! It's barely 3K. But it's good. Aside from the leather itself, the upholstery is super-foamed for the extra comfort and lift. My Fiancée being 5 footer, I definitely got pogi points right there. I made her see the hood even more.

The positives: Affordable. Free installation and delivery (within Makati). One day delivery.

The negatives: Leather seats are hot once you park outdoors, middle of the day. It can really burn your arse. The installer was perspiring all over my car during the installation. Shit, that was a little, yux. I cleaned and cleansed the interior right after.

If you want one, shoot me a liner, I'll help you get yours.

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