Back 2 real-time, Tagaytay rest is over

We stayed at Dominique Hotel at Tagaytay Cavite during the break.

We dined around Tagaytay "eateries" during 2 to 3 days of respite. I brought my notebook but I successfully warded off the urge to power up. The fact that our room isn't wired or net connected, it made the decision a little easier.

In that span, Dencios, Japanese Foods, Hillside Resto and in-house Dine-in were the destinations to belly-up.

Hotel Dominique has a mini-pool but I did not splash in. The pool is so small and I felt, people's pee concentration level in the pool would be too high. So, gulping pool-h20 will undoubtedly give me more uric acid intake. A doctor's warning, it is dangerous to your health.

Sunday evening, we DROPPED by Casino Filipino. Fucking fuck, I gave P2500 away. I played the dumb-game, ping-pong balls, white-red (pula-puti) game. Baby, I'm not a rich man so P2500 is P2500. Add another 120 for the coffee and I am 2620 poorer. Anyways, this is once in a year gambling so this is still bearable. What's not acceptable was the fact that Rannie Raymundo's gig was still a week away. Damn, I was a week early. Had Rannie been there, I am sure, he'll do his magic tricks during his act. I wished Chad Borja was there that night to appease me. Chad Borja rocks!

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