Dela Hoya Mayweather Fight is RIGGED

Where's Roberto Duran when you want furious exchanges, blood, and a boxing clinic?

Where's Sugar Ray Leonard when you wanted entertaining, legendary and classic fight?

Where's Marvin Hagler when you wanted 12 rounds (15 then) marvelous boxing moments?

Where's Thomas Hearns when you are craving for hard hitting boxing match?

The Dela Hoya - Floyd Mayweather Jr. is semi-rigged. Rigged in a sense, fighters were not psyched to kill each other out. They hardly were scratched. No beating done, contrary to promises made by the two sluggers that they will. And oh by the way, OSCAR DELA HOYA is the PROMOTER of the fight.

The bout was hyped and projected to SAVE boxing. Well, is didnt SAVE the boxing. What it did is to pad the fighters SAVINGS. What sealed the deal was the faked furious exchange during the final seconds. Like, it was planned that they have to do that to ignite the crowd.

As per the decision, I have no qualms about it. Dela Hoya was busier but not connecting really.

What killed the ABS CBN coverage? Inserting Dyan Castillejo to do the blow-by-blow account. What now? Suddenly she's a boxing expert? Dyan and Sev aint gonna work. Countless times, Dyan was interrupting Sev's observations. Sigh.

Throughout the fight, Dainne gave us chismis and side reports about Dela Hoya. Saying Dela Hoya is gwapo! C'mon now ABS-CBN. Dyan is fine as a side reporter, pre-fight coverage, post fight interviews, extreme games, etc. BUT NOT BLOW-BY-BLOW COVERAGE. You have to know boxing, you have to have boxing blood flowing in your veins to cover a fight of this caliber.

I remember Korina Sanchez covering the Pacquiao fight with Recah Trinidad as her studio guest. Same thing, Korina was clueless about boxing. She went "ahhhh," "I see," "Oh my god," "really huh"... the whole time Recah was giving bits and pieces about Congressman Manny Pacquiao. A case of ABS CBN not knowing the pulse of the public.

Next time ABS CBN wins a bidding to cover big time fights or even a Manny Pacquioa fight, and they pick the wrong people to cover the fight, I swear I'll just watch GMA 7's Takeshis Castle.

Rematch? Forget it. I'd rather rest on a Sunday than watch DLHY - FMJR rematch.


Blogger Christian Angelo said...

Hahaha, that fight was scripted I tell you, It's freaking scrippppppteeeeeed haha

11:23 PM

Blogger GoldenSlumber said...

it wasn't well written

10:26 PM


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