It's my turn to shout: Smartbro Sucks!

Now I am joining the SmartBro Sucks Bad-wagon. No connection the whole week.

Four times I called SmartBro hotline (6727377) and the the C.S.I. or Customer Service Incharge could only promise to refer my concern to higher technical support group. The thing is, if it's the freaking higher technical support group that knows how to solve the connection problem, why not let them talk to me right there and then.

The promise was, this HTS Group is to call me back. Three times, they asked for my contact details. And three times, within the 24-hr window promised, no call was received.

Thus, no broadband connection still. I am currently using a dial-up connection. As I make this entry, I am currently on-hold talking to another not-so smartbro call center agent, she said she's coordinating the deployment of a field visit from the contractor. Fifteen minutes on hold and she comes back, proudly she says, “it's now confirmed, service contractor will visit you sir tomorrow.”

Huwaaaaaaat?! She just went on her own and scheduled a visit without checking my sched.

She then re-scheduled the field-visit. It took another 15 minutes to finalize the visit. What's funny, I can hear her colleague advising her what she needs to say to me, word for word. Geeeesh. (Also, if you are a Smartbro subscriber, try calling the Smartbro Center, the center is like a wet-market. It’s so loud and chaotic. You could hear all other agents struggling to answer the calls. Please try, get to experience what I’m saying.)

If no development still, this Smartbro service should go. Even with a minimum year subscription, I'll be filing for discontinuation of service.

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