Try Out Yahoo! Answers

Lately, search engine result pages have been coughing up more and more Yahoo! Answers pages. If you haven't notice it yet, now you will.

Clearly, these social networking sites are turning out to be good tool for internet marketers. I am one. These sites can be used to generate more traffic.

As I mentioned, for example the Yahoo! Answers, search engine (including Google) is picking up on these user generated QnAs content. If you own a site, say a basketball site or you do I.T. niche blog, it could help generate more traffic if you can just be a little more active in there.

Well, I gotta to try what I am preaching. I'll try to answer some at Yahoo! Answers and see if I can bump up my linked sites' traffic. What's nice about Yahoo Answers is that it has pointing system, the more questions you answer or better, the more questions you resolve, the higher your level will be. Giving you more authority and more leads perhaps.

Try it. I will. Later.

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