Over the weekend, I checked out some of my stuff at my mother's house and I found some items that I may be able to sell at eBay and other online marketplace. I also have some new items that I can sell at discounted prices (shoe, printer, ipod shuffle) so I decided to create a new account at eBay. My sort of personal ebay account.

Check it out, I may have some stuff that you need, you'll absolutely get a bargain. :-)

I chose to have "kwarta-o-kahon" as my new ID. Every now and then, I'll check my email to see if Tito Pepe is coming in and suing my ass off.

Because I am a sucker for registering domain and not doing anything about it, I'll register that domain right about now.

Here's my page listing. I got car parts, printers, shoes and MP3 player for sale. Grab it.

Next weekend, I'll be posting a Pentium III PC, Bench Shoes/Sneakers, Girbaud Shoes, Girbaud Wallet perhaps, Defective Water Boiler, Brand New Backpack Laptop Bag, etc.

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