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I am now here at Honda Cars. Checked in at around 8am, its now 11am and no quotation still. And I thought this Honda branch would close down for lack of clients. To my surprise, I am already customer number 14 despite the early log in.

Geez, I thought my auto is running in full throttle... ( I even bought some things and fixed minor probs last week, not knowing the engine needs some attention) ...not even close. The engine got STD.

I am now waiting for the quotation of the Honda service advisor. Based on the LEAKS he pointed out, I am looking at a disastrous 7K to 10K parts and labor for the leak containment. At least 5 areas (sealants and or gaskets) to need to be taken cared of. I hope I am wrong. If this goes less P5K, i'll go for it now (if they have the parts).

The top gasket was just replaced 3 mos ago by one Bangkal Makati auto shop.

The lesson learned: When dealing with the car engine (and other major systems like brakes, transmission, electrical wiring), I WILL NO LONGER GO FOR SO-SO AUTOSHOP. To the Honda Service Casa I shall go. Just a waste, spending P700 for a gasket (and labor) then you'll have the gasket dumped in 2 to 3 months.

Only Honda's (unintentional) free wi-fi is keeping me sane from 4 hours of waiting and the prospect of another negative P5K to P10K. Thank you thank your for your careless IT head. I love "unsecured network". Advise to car service centers, if you'll have unsecured wifi network, you gotta serve us free coffee too (or at least you should have foods4sale).

UPDATE: The cost is P6258.00 (P2730 parts and P3150 labor). Add the subsequent P900 change oil. To be replaced are distributor oil seal, distributor o-ring, cylinder head cover gasket, oil pan gasket, oil pump seal, oil pump o-ring, shifting lever oil seal, spool valve filter and others. I estimated it at 7k to 10k and now I got the quote. Just a couple of hundred bucks over P7000.00. Parts will arrive Aug 2. I will have my auto fixed Aug 6. Meanwhile, I should be dropping oil in the coming days just to maintain minimum oil level.

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