In The News: Scam, Fire, Electric Jeepney and Basketball

In the news.

Am watching 24-Oras (24-hours), four news bits struck me.


As per report, a new internet scam is presently victimizing some “investors” (gamblers). When are we gonna learn? There is no easy money.

On TV, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) head has his PC browsing SULIT.COM.PH. While discussing PYRAMIDING on the internet, his browser is on this page at Sulit.com.ph. He was referring specifically, to the FRANCSWI$ “trading”.

The title alone ($$ Earn Easy Money $$ Total Financial Freedom from Home) would make me think twice about joining this kind of stuff. Go over the post at Sulit.com.ph and follow the thread. Cool thing about the post, he’s cool with the critics’ response to his post. The guy is responding, point by point.

Read man. Be careful with easy money investments. I repeat, there is no easy money.


The Minnesota Mansions fire at Cubao QC. Said not to have clearance from fire dept.

Three persons killed. For us who are to move to a condo in two to three months, my gastric juice is acting up. A little scary. We’ll be moving to a fifth floor unit. The building we’re transferring to has sprinkler system, fire alarm, fire exits, but still, condo dwelling means you are at mercy of other tenants’ fire safety knowledge (or lack of it) as well. As early as now, we will be gearing up, we’ll buy our own fire escape rope and gas mask. Budget: P5000 or so. Can’t take chances.

The Minnesota Mansion is owned by a Wilson Genato, reports said. Sounds family? His brother, William Genato, is the owner of the Manor Hotel along Kamias Street in Quezon City. Manor was on fire in 2001, killing 70 people. All in the family I guess.


Makati City launched an Electric Jeepney. One question though, why does it have to in line with “jeepney.” Or maybe they have to do this for the “papansin” effect.

Can’t we develop an electric vehicle aptly named, like, if it will be used around Makati or city use, why not call City Shuttle? The Shuttler? Or since it Binay’s project, “Binaybay.” Anything but “jeepney.” To me, jeepneys represent the Philippine technology stag-Nation.

From TV news, here are the details…
  • Yes, it’s called Electric Jeepney. Clever.
  • Price is around 500K. Add 200 more and you got quality sedan.
  • It’s a Greenpeace, Makati City and private corporation, Solar Electric Company team up.
  • Charging is 8 hours, enough to cover 120 km. How about traffic?
  • It’s on 6-month test phase. If successful, they roll in 50 units, initial stage. They plan to put the sale under Makati’s cooperatives.

RP National Basketball team with another heartbreaking loss. My story here.

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