Sonya's Garden Rep Sucks

We were to eat at Sonya’s Garden at Cavite yesterday to celebrate one big sale made my Sis and Bro's company (btw, I am proud to be an incorporator in that company). Because I was engaged on another family meet-up (my wife's, newly wed remember), my family had to wait for us. We all went on a semi-fasting to really give belly-space and feast on Sonyas Garden salad delights.

At around 6pm, we left our car at my mother's crib and just tagged along another auto to save gas and rest. For your info, Sonia's Garden is located at earth's end. You really need capital E.F.F.O.R.T. if you intend to get eccentric fresh salad, salmon and sweet kamote for the dessert.

Tired and starving, we arrived at around 7:30pm, all twelve of us. Upon dining entrance, presto, this Sonia's floor manager welcomed us and she said in Filipino, "Ay mam, di na po pwede."

Borrowing a line, the thing is, as a resto manager or whatever she is, she should have chosen a nice set of words in cases like this, and not just say, "di na pwede." Another irritating question she popped, "is this your first time here?" Then, she mentioned something about getting reservation. (If it was Sonya's Bed and Breakfast or room check in, yes, the reservation is necessary. But for garden dine-in, I believe no reservation is needed. Anyhow, with or without reservation, a considerate chit chat is called for. So she's aware, that effort was made to reach the place.)

About the "first time" question, answer is NO btw, I've been there 3 times. Some of us, been there 6 times. In fact, we had a personal chat with Ms. Sonya herself, telling us one time, to take our time and enjoy the food. She said, this is all about "leisure eating." In short, Beck the rep, don't bring me that first time and reservation crapshit. I travelled some miles, countless cities, three provincial boundaries and exactly 2 hours to be there at Sonya’s, don't show me the door that quick when I missed the closing time only by 30 minutes.

There were still a lot of diners when we arrived, some are freshly served still. I know, you know, we know, you can do something about it and serve us.

I heard her reasoning out a couple of pointless things, then I interjected. The question was, ok ok ok, Sonias got cut-off of 7:00pm, BUT, is this the first time that diners entered the room past 7pm. Did you show the exit this quick at each every late check in. I am precise, that is not the case. She would definitely reconsider the decision if we were foreigners. Next time I comea in there late, I'll be wearing a redhead hairpiece.

Her explanations? It would be hard to boil the eggs. Sa tagalog nya sinabi, "mahirap na po maglaga ng itlog". Damn, dito na nag-init ang itlog ko. Send me to Mount Everest, 12 midnight, I'll be able boil an egg (with the right pressure adjustment, that is) kahit itlog ng BF nya. Then, she said, she could serve us, but some salad ingredients will not be included. What the fuck! If there is half-bake cake, here goes half-dressed salad. Then the Beck-clincher, they don’t have enough dressing. What's up with that? If I checked in 6:59, you have dressing?

Sigh, sigh and more sighs. Now you know why Filipinos remain to not explore Philippines, priority kasi ng kapwa Pinoys are the foreigners.

We just went to Josephine's instead. Josephine's Restaurant rocks! Sonia's Garden rep sucks!

UPDATE: JULY 10 2007 - Tita Sonya herself called up my sister, she's inviting us for a dinner she'll personally host. Dunno bout my Family, but to me, Sonya's Garden is no more. Though I am sucker for veggie salad, I'll have to look for other resto to satisfy my palate. Kudos to Tita Sonya for the sweet response. Just as I thought, it's the receptionist that erred, the resto is fine.

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Hello, it's always a requirement to have a reservation because it's always full.

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