New Old Palm Treo 650

Whilst I was seriously thinking of getting a new smartphone before my birthdate, my brother just updated his handheld-mobile phone to a very slim Blackberry model. I did not pay attention much to his new Blackberry model coz I was busy with my own.

With his upgrade, he passed his set to me. And so therefore, I got his old but still a-ok and shiny Palm Treo 650.

Basically, Palm Treo is same with Palm Treo 600 but with a better camera (higher resolution) and Bluetooth technology on board. Yesterday, I played around with ‘my’ Treo 650 and I must say, this one is not bad. Besides, free PDA-Phone, it doesn’t happen a lot.

The Palm Treo 650's camera function is acceptable (compared the Palm Treo 600). Captured pics is passable for printing. It can capture video too (not execpetional, but of course!). Plays MP3 music files. With built-in output speaker or listen via phone. Jack is 2.5mm. Able to connect to the internet and check email (yes, I use gmail service last Sunday). The MP3 playback function mean my MP3 player will see less and less play time.

Best of all, QWERTY keyboard for lighting fast texting and composing. Standard PIM functions like calendar, clocks, memo pad are all in. Immediate items for downloading is at least 3 games not named chess and tetris, draw/paint application and voice recorder app (if I can find).

The package includes an extra li-ion battery, spare stylus, assorted power chargers - adaptor, car charger, the virgin-manual (still compressed packed), cd installer (dunno if it’s Vista ready, I’ll find out next weekend when I am not filled with work to-do) and hands free set.

And, my bro even bundled 256MB SD card but I returned the 256MB coz it was too much. Besides, I got 512MB RS-MMC. Never I was able to go beyond 300MB in using a card. (I got only a couple of games installed in the card and only 1 on 2 applications too.)

Boner is, I was not able to bring the car charger, the 220VAC plug charger nor the spare battery with me. So today, I am managing my Treo 650’s power by turning it on and off.

Pics here.

Sample pictures using the camera function of Palm Treo 650, below.

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