My Laptop Bag, What's Inside

The heck, nobody wants to get this laptop bag I am selling at eBay.ph, so I am using this myself. The fist initial salvo of the laptop bag was at Hyundai Pasig at E.Rodriguez Avenue (or C5). I was there today the whole day, again, for the much needed replacement of radiator hose and engine leak job.

I am still on a tug o war with Honda Philippines, they are offering all sorts of counter offers to my demands but I am sticking with my gun. I felt malpractice was done and therefore they should pay (not necessarily monetarily). I have threatened them with a suit and publishing the story online, at blogs, at forums, wherever. As soon as dusts settle, I'll be blogging about this horrendous story soon.

Anyways, bag, err, back to the topic. The laptop back is nice. For all of you almost-interested eBay bidders, thank you for not getting the bag. Now I am enjoying the specs and features if the bag.

My post says...

* Laptop Notebook BackPack Bag Case
* Save 1500.00 (Bought this at Korea for P4000 plus)
* Brand New, Bought from South Korea on a trip
* Very high quality
* 3 options to carry: hand bag, shoulder carry and of course, back packed
* Very versatile, you can bring this during meetings, work, even outdoors, out of town trips, presentations.
* Unisex (What the?!)
* Strong material and craftsmanship
* Lots of document and paper storage
* Special pouch for smaller laptops/notebooks
* Total of six slots/compartments
* Adjustable strap for both shoulder and back carries
* Padded/foamed back pack strap

I pinned a couple of pins for the jologs or drug addict look. The must-have BEATLES pin, my lucky number 77 pin and the other one Japanese character pin. Also, in the bag is one pink rosary I have. I have this rosary when I took the board exam for one engineering exam (not a top notcher though) and passed somehow. I should have 2 rosaries I suppose. Ever since, this rosary is in, whatever the bag is. Not really an altar boy, but why not insert this? No harm eh?

Back to the topic 2, not exactly the biggest laptop backpack, but this can contain all sorts of things. I had one extra tee (yes that's t shirt, on the way to Hyundai Psig, AC was off to prevent over-heating so I needed one extra shirt just incase king-sun acts up), pda sync cable, a purse, mp3 player, earphone, digital camera, cell phone charger, one magazine, etc. To the holduppers, stay away, I don't have cash.

You like it? No longer for sale man. But you can still view the pics here.

BTW, I've been out of bounds past few days over at Hoops. Been fully booked recently. I'll soon be back when few biz and personal things are cleared up.

BTW2, I got some pics today at Hyundai Pasig, the Tucson model. I posted it at Dont.Blink. BTW3, because of my 'contributorship' at Blink.ph, I was given an author account at Dont.Blink. I post there under "KOK" name as in Kwarta-o-Kahon." My for sale items, I use that site to post the pics. If you got above average collection (not saying that mine are) of photos you want to share, apply at dont.blink.ph. BTW4, 3 of my posts were recycled at Hoops "Post Up" section. The Nike event and the Pinoy Ballers.

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