Helluva Week

  • I am in a battle with one Honda Satellite Service for a malpractice done to my car. More on this perhaps sometime. My auto is currently on a comatose, I am not to have it repaired up until HONDA Main Office hands out it decision if this inept Honda Satellite Service is liable. Not major prob really, I just want it the way it was turned over to me by Honda so that in case I'll sue their asses, we got at that bad state. Damn, I been riding PUJ PUB Taxis and Hitching the past 2 weeks. Good or bad the final decision may be, I am not over with them.
  • Making it worse, I forgot to bring the charger of my Treo here in Makati. I have been switching sims back and forth with other globe-ready mobile phones.
  • Over at the office, we can't seem to find away of straightening up how we can do things efficiently. Memos galore.
  • Last Mon, I met my architect-cousin at Bonifacio High-Street (yes, I taxied) to show the plans of our new unit. To where, we are supposedly to move come Nov. But evan almightly, his assistant (another cuz of mine) whom I am having drink with, forgot the effing plans at TGIF. See, Fridays cut off is 12mn, so we moved elsewhere. There, the plans were no where to be found upon landing at a Karaoke bar at Buendia. Now, I have to get a new set of copies.
  • I lost two fuckin domains that I registered. These autobot-registrants, if you fail to renew your registration for just a minute, an hour or a day, these bots will scoop up your domains in a heartbeat. Thus, I lost two good .com domains. Again, to the .ph I should go.

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