Departing Dicaprio

Mamamia, a film made in 2006, highly acclaimed (Oscar Best Picture 2007, but not Scorsese's best job), all-star cast…

…and I only saw last night. Err, the bloodshed ended past 1 a.m. That's how busy it has been these past months.

I am a fan of Dicaprio (not because of his teeny-titanic-movie but maybe because I get to see bits of Robert Deniro in him. Leonardo is a big fan of De Niro and it's no secret that he imitates Bobby D style) but his effort to become a toughie in The Departed fell short.

Three scenes stuck:

(1) He had this meeting/argument with Martin Sheen (Capt. Oliver Queenan) and Mark Wahlberg (Sean Dignam), the two were having a scuffle and Sheen was in the middle, Leonardo (William 'Billy' Costigan Jr.) had this fuckin grade school fighting stance. Comical. Check it out. Freeze the scene.

(2) At the rooftop scene when Leonardo DiCaprio held Matt Damon - Colin Sullivan (of the Bourne Identity series), it was like Brokeback Mountain all over again. He held Matt Damon like he's a lover. So soft man, so soft.

(3) After Leonardo Dicaprio was insulted with the "is it your period?" comment inside the bar (after ordering Cranberry Juice), he again had another awkward fighting stance, like drunken master type of position. His role was an academy graduate, I don't know where the hell he got that stance. Police school don’t teach hideous fight posture.

Among the leading players, Leonardo Dicaprio was the weak link in this film. Casting should have considered someone else for the role. Brad Pitt (the film producer) perfectly fits this role. Even the rapper turned quality actor Mark Wahlberg did better. Nice film still though. A lot of F-bombs in this film, a lot brain splashing too. My kind of film. Mob film. Gangster film. Mafia film. I like.

Thanks for reading my film review, sorry it came late. Just about a year late. Tune in next time, I'll review "Gone in the wind."

Seriously, I will play “Blood Diamond” right about now and see if Leonardo Dicaprio just had an off-night in “The Departed.”

Photo from Wiki too.

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