Glorietta Explosion: At The Center Of It (Almost!)

Hanging around Glorietta Makati around 12:30 noon today. The missions: Send our office laptop for repair at Compu Serve, buy kitchen organizer (a gift), score t-shirts and to eat lunch.

We parked at Park Square 2 (as I always do) and walk our way to Park Square 1 along a dining strip. Geeesh, Compuserve charges P2000 for a simple soldering job on our Fujitsu Laptop. Decided to pull out the last minute and will just ask a friend if he can do the trick.

And so after checking out the gadgets and computer shops at Park Square 1, next up was to dine. Three choices: Max's, Pizza Hut and where it never fails to satisfy us, Luk Yuen across Park Square 2. Because Pizza Hut was at PS1, we decided to eat at Pizza Hut.

Midway through the lunch, we saw people running and are all in panic modes. Little did we know, explosion rocked Glorietta. I heard nothing but from accounts of people who were in the area, it was one hell of an explosion. Earthquake they thought. Glasses too of nearby shops were shattered.

Had we altered our decisions/itinerary, we could have landed at Luk Yuen or inside Glorietta/Landmark around the time of the bombing. From the looks of the indie photo shots I received via email, even 50 to 70 meters away from the center of the explosion, it wasn't safe.

I still can’t go over this. Not counting the car and road mishaps, this is the closest I have been in one disaster. Thanking GOD we’re alive. I can’t imagine the grief and agony that the families of victims are (will be) going through right now. Senseless losses.

We were only allowed to enter and pick up our parked car at Park Square 2 around 4pm as the area was cordoned off, sealed with a police line.

My useless personal pix below...

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